Education Institutes can now let go of operational and logistics handling for incoming education verification requests of pass out students and alumni. Student Services Bureau offers a dedicated web based, 24 x7 user friendly platform for managing and responding to incoming education verification requests at the click of a button. Student Services Bureau allows education institutes to upload pass out student education information in its central database in a controlled, secure and uniform manner. This is done while upholding data privacy and data integrity. This platform not only relieves universities and institutes from putting manual efforts, it also frees up time and increases productivity.

Benefits for Education Institutes


Automated, efficient and error free verification process.


Increased productivity and reduced overheads with automated response to verification requests.


Complete data security and integrity is maintained by sharing information only once and no future modifications are made.


Eliminates need to check authenticity of verifying organisation as all major verifiers are registered with Student Services Bureau.


Real time, 24X7 instantaneous verification with user friendly, web based platform.

Universities who are contributing

How Student Services Bureau works for Educational Institutes?

  • 1

    Education Institute admin logs into Student Services Bureau

  • 2

    Education Institute admin adds the ex-student details

  • 3

    Education Institute admin responds to selected verification requests only where ex-student details are not available in Student Services Bureau records

  • 4

    Verifier can view and analyse ex-student related information and trends supplied by the education institute


Salient features


Intuitive Dashboard gives you a complete view of incoming education verification requests, their status and number of records uploaded on Student Services Bureau.


Education Institutes can create an exclusive group for sharing information which they do not want to share with others.


Dedicated Hardware Firewall has been implemented to secure the network. Only authorized users can access the network.

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment is performed on regular basis for the purpose of determining areas of vulnerability, and to initiate appropriate fix action.

IP Restriction

IP is restricted to the user login.


Installed Antivirus is regularly updated in the server every day. This is managed through a centralized control panel.


All data transfers are encrypted using SSL to ensure data privacy.


Become a Contributor and let go of all your education verification request response handling worries with Student Services Bureau.

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Students Services Bureau offers instant, accurate and secure education verification results from leading public and private Indian education institutions.